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To register yourself as a user of the Cesar Database, please fill in all the fields below. Your username must be a valid email address. If the registration is successful an email is send to this email address with a password. At the first logon you will be requested to change this password.

In case you don't have an affiliation please fill in either "none" or "private".

Registration requires that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions of the data policy.

Protection of personal data.
When you register you provide us your email address, your name and affiliation. These data are considered as personal data i.e. it is information which can be used to identify you. The protection of personal data is codified in the Dutch law 'Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens' (Wbp). The Wbp law protects the privacy of citizens and also applies to personal data collected via the internet. Under this law, personal data can only be used if it is explicitly stated. It also must be explicitly made clear for what purpose the information is stored. The Wbp law does include the following exception: the personal data can be used for criminal investigation if someone uses the site for making criminal offenses or statements. In case you want to delete your account information send a request by email to the content manager, please state in your email your account name.

The CESAR Database System uses your email address for registration of your access and downloads, and for the provision of access rights to the datasets (authentication and authorization purposes).

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